Fresh Hero Clear Plastic Full Mesh External Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll - 3 mil - 8" x 50' - 10 count box

Product Description

Vacuum seal your foods with our Fresh Hero Clear Plastic Full Mesh External Packaging Bag Rolls. Seal these vacuum space saver storage bags with our Fresh Hero vacuum packaging machine to lock in the freshness of your ingredients. Featuring a 3-millimeter thickness, these vacuum packaging bag rolls are designed for maximum strength to protect food from tears and punctures. These external vacuum seal packaging rolls are BPA-free, protecting customers from consuming unwanted susbtances. These plastic packaging bag rolls allow you to choose the size bag that you want and simply cut it out. The versatility of these mesh packaging bag rolls is endless, and you have 50 feet of material to work with, for long-lasting use. With a microwave-safe and freezer-safe design, these plastic packaging bag rolls offer unparalleled durability, allowing you to freeze and heat foods in them. These vacuum seal packaging bag rolls are additionally usable in sous vide cooking, with their boil-friendly design. These vacuum pack bag rolls measure 50 feet long by 8 inches wide and are sold in a 10 count box. Fresh Hero vacuum packaging machines are available and sold separately.

Make Any Size Bag

Preserve Various Foods

These vacuum sealer bags have their size determined by the amount of material you cut out. Be limited in packaging capacity only by your imagination!

Store Your Ingredients

Freezable For Cold Storage

These vacuum bag rolls are built to be freezer friendly, so you can store all sorts of ingredients in the freezer for later. Freeze food for another time with these vacuum sealer bag rolls.

Great For Sous Vide Cooking

Withstands Boiling Temperatures

Perfect for your restaurant or home! Our vacuum storage bag rolls can be boiled in hot water for sous vide cooking.

Easily Heat Your Foods

Microwavable For Prepping Food

Built to be microwave safe, these plastic packaging bag rolls allow you to effortlessly heat vegetables. Perfect for your home or restaurant!

Durability Guaranteed

Made From BPA-Free Polyethylene And Nylon

Reliably made from a polyethylene/nylon blend, these vacuum bag rolls guarantee extended use life through their premium construction. Plus, these bag rolls do not contain BPA.

No Tears Or Breaks

3-Millimeter Thickness Protects Food

Featuring a 3-millimeter thickness, these vacuum bag rolls are durable to ensure no rips or breaks when packaging food. Securely store your food with these thick vacuum bag rolls.

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)600
Width (Inches)8
Height (Inches)0.01
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