Preserve the quality of foods and drinks using Restaurtantware's collection of bag sealers. Our bag clips create an airtight and watertight seal to keep moisture from entering or leaving bags to ensure ingredients stay fresh. Available in different sizes to cater to a variety of food packaging needs, whether it's sealing a bag of chips or a bag of coffee beans.

Crafted from freezer-safe plastic, our bag-sealing clips allow you to store foods for later use without worrying about freezer burns. Each chip clip features a unique color, allowing you to easily identify different-sized clips in a drawer or storage room. Our reusable bag sticks are dishwasher-safe, providing your staff with a hassle-free way to clean them after every use. In addition, our bag-sealing clips are perfect for organizing and storing ingredients and leftovers. With their versatile use and durable construction, our clips are great for any household or business.

Browse our selection of bag sealers to find the perfect clips for your cafeteria, deli, or fast-casual restaurant. Whether you're storing dry or wet foods for later use, our slide clips for bags lock in the freshness of ingredients to decrease food waste and increase your business's net profit. Discover our assortment of zip bags and tape bags to enhance your storage solutions and maintain the freshness of your produce. Moreover, remember to check out our selection of cold food storage containers and lids that are ideal for preserving substantial amounts of food.

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