Condiment Cups

Restaurant, catering business and party planners can all benefit from using condiment cups because they make the perfect holders for sauces, marinades, oils and condiments. You will also be able to add a touch of class and charm to your table settings and food presentations when you use any of our sauce and condiment cups.

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Condiment Cups Information

Best when paired with our other products

Condiment cups are a must-have at any location. Your customers will appreciate these small cups, especially if you pair them with our other metal tableware.

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It's important to recycle metal

Make sure to recycle metals to reduce the need for resources. This is easier on the environment and our world in general.

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These stainless steel sauce and condiment cups are just the right size for serving sauces and condiments alongside your culinary treats. These stylish, well-made cups will add a classy element to the overall appearance of any restaurant, catering and party food presentation.

Condiment cups are necessary for dips

Our stainless steel sauce and condiment cups are made out of premium materials, they will definitely hold any sauce, condiment or dip in place inside of them. Each item that you find in Restaurantware's stainless steel sauce and condiment cup collection will add to the overall ambiance to any restaurant, catering or party celebration.

We only offer premium stainless steel sauce and condiment containers so you never have to worry about getting anything but high quality items from Restaurantware. Our stainless steel sauce and condiment cups will make the perfect finishing touch to your food presentations, go ahead, check out our collection right now.

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