Colors Skewers

Restaurantware’s color picks and skewers, made from organic bamboo, provide the functionality of a barpick or skewer coupled with a decorative essence. Including beads, braided, rainbow and novelty varieties, our assortment of colorful skewers and picks enables color coding for food differentiation, enhances overall aesthetic experience, and adds whimsy and refinement to drinking or dining.

Choose our colored food picks and skewers for cocktail and drink garnishes or for appetizers and help-yourself treats. All of our colored picks and skewers are available online for wholesale pricing with convenient and fast shipping.

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Colors Skewers Information

Colorful skewers add a dash of creativity

Our colorful picks are perfect for adding a little pizzazz to your tables, but there are many different ways to use these lovely skewers. You can use this abundantly in food service, from decor to serving. You can find the perfect color skewer for your establishment in our vast assortment.

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These skewers add color while also being eco-friendly

Our colors skewers add a chic twist to drinks and dishes. Although they are very stylish, they are also made from bamboo so they are sustainable and eco-friendly. They are organic and biodegradable, so you won't have to worry about your unnecessary impact on the environment.

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Elegant colors skewers will make you a star during any catering event. Your catering clients will surely rate you as queen of the catering business once they pick up your delightful divine cuisine with tantalizing fancy picks.

Vibrant and beautiful colors skewers will brighten any dish

As a caterer being a star should be a goal of yours. At Restaurantware, you can find the catering tableware products, like fancy party picks to make you that star. From elegant decorative toothpickes to bright lemon wraps to sophisticated plastic tableware, we offer high-quality extraordinary catering products designed to help you reach all your goals.

You can find the perfect colors skewers for bridal showers, weddings and any special occasion here at Restaurantware. Our colors skewers, charming picks and classy toothpicks can be used as decoration on burgers, in cocktail beverages and much more. We are here to help you reach catering stardom.

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