Easily attract eco-conscious customers with Restaurantware's Zero Waste collection. Made from PLA plastic, a bioplastic derived from cornstarch, our Zero Waste products are commercially compostable and biodegradable for an eco-friendly way to serve soft drinks at your foodservice establishment. Our eco-friendly drinking cups eliminate the hassle of cleaning cups and lids after use while reducing your foodservice establishment's carbon footprint.

Featuring a clear finish, our sustainable drinking cups provide guests with full visibility of fresh juices or smoothies served at your fast-casual restaurant, cafeteria, or diner. Conveniently serve our PLA cups as-is for dine-in services or pair them with our coordinating PLA lids to provide guests with a safe way to enjoy drinks on the go. Our nature-friendly Zero Waste collection includes clear dome lids and flat lids. The dome lids allow you to securely seal to go coffee orders without ruining toppings, while the flat lids lock in sodas to eliminate messes during transport.

Serve beverages the sustainable way with our PLA drinking cups and lids. Our Zero Waste drinking cup collection is available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to serve small smoothie orders or large juice orders with the right cup. Check out our collection of Zero Waste disposable cups and lids to start serving beverages the eco-friendly way.

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