Restaurantware's Voglia Nude collection is specially designed to enhance your customers' drinking experience. Crafted from lead-free crystal with superior precision, our Voglia Nude glassware provides optimal visibility to show off the hues of wines or the flow of bubbles from champagnes. Our machine-blown crystal glassware is built to withstand customer's clinking glasses together during toasts without the risk of chipping or breaking. From pinot noir wine glasses to chardonnay wine glasses, our Voglia Nuda collection features a specific type of glass for each wine served at your winery, bar, or restaurant. Each wine glass features a unique bowl, allowing guests to effortlessly taste the aroma and flavor profile of their wine with every sip. The Voglia Nude collection also carries champagne glasses that are specially designed to promote the carbonation of champagnes to ensure that patrons appreciate their flavor. Our drinkware collection contains cocktail glasses with wide bowls that quickly develop the aroma of beverages and provide bartenders with plenty of space to add charming garnishes. Whether you're looking to enhance the flavors of wine or bring an elegant touch to soft drinks served at your foodservice establishment, browse our wide selection of Voglia Nude stemmed glassware. Ideal for serving tea, beer, wine, champagne, and other beverages, browse our crystal glassware collection to find the perfect glasses for your business.

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