Bring a fun and refreshing look to beverages with Restaurantware's Visage collection. With a clear finish, our drinking cups effortlessly showcase the freshness of juices or lively colors of smoothies to entice customers to quench their thirst. A number of our Visage clear cups feature a design with wispy eyelashes and red lips that brings a charming touch to drink orders and is guaranteed to make customers' smile. Our collection also includes cups with a spiffy handlebar mustache design that delights guests and makes drinking the center of attention at your foodservice establishment. Pair our stylish cups with lids to seal in to go orders and eliminate messes during transport. The visage collection carries flat lids that are great for locking in soft drinks and dome lids that make it easy to tightly seal refreshments with toppings. And to elevate your to go drink orders, our Visage collection features lids designed like a baseball cap to complement your sports-themed restaurant and a top hat lid that completes the look of our Madame and Monsieur cups. Take refreshments to new heights with our collection of Visage disposable cups and lids. Our wide selection of Visage cups features a one-of-a-kind look that will draw guests' eyes to your freshly made lemonade or iced coffee. Available in a variety of sizes, our disposable cups and lids allow you to serve small, medium, and large drink orders with a unique twist.

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