Find the perfect message or decoration to put on top of your pastries with our Top Cake collection. Crafted from premium paper or high-quality acrylic, our paper cake toppers are great for easily disposing of cake decorations while our acrylic toppers can be used time and time again.

With messages such as “Its a Girl”, “Its a Boy”, “ Happy Birthday”, “Mr & Mrs”, “One”, “Love”, and “Blessed”, our Top Cake toppers have the perfect words to express congratulations on any occasion. From dinosaurs and cowboys to balloons and angels, our toppers can easily match any theme or event. All of our cake toppers provide the perfect finishing touch to your baked touch and enhance your dessert presentations.

Whether made of paper or acrylic, our toppers maintain their premium design throughout entire celebrations. Attached to wooden toothpicks, premium paper sticks, or acrylic sticks, our Top Cake toppers stay perfectly upright and won’t sink into your pastries.

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