Serve your alcoholic beverages in our sparkling Timeless collection. Each of our drinking glasses is etched with an elegant design to give your beverage presentations a beautiful vintage look. Our etched glasses have a chip-resistant rim to keep their high-quality structure and last you a long time. All of our Timeless cocktail glasses have a heavyweight structure to prevent tipping over while on a flat surface and prevent spills.

From versatile beverage glasses to old fashioned glasses, our collection can serve all types of drinks at your establishment. Use our highball glasses to serve refreshing mojitos at your rooftop bar or our shot glasses to create an upscale silhouette for serving premium liquors. Great for bourbon, our rocks glasses are the perfect vessel for adding ice cubes to your beverages.

With a crystal clear finish, our beverage glasses clearly display the light and dark hues of your drinks. Crafted from lead-free glass, our Timeless glasses are dishwasher-safe to endure the high heat and water pressure of commercial dishwashers.

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