RW Clean 55 gal Black Plastic Trash Can Liner - Light-Duty, 1 mil - 100 count box

Product Description

Manage waste from busy outdoor events with our RW Clean 55-gallon Black Plastic Trash Can Liners. Created using LDPE plastic material, these recyclable trash bags are durable and hold large quantities of waste with ease. These stretchable garbage bags have a thickness of 1 mil to stop accidental puncturing or ripping while collecting sharp objects. The star seal bottom of these bin bags avoids leakages while carrying liquid mess. Plus, it enables effortless removal from receptacles. These light-duty trash bags come in a dark black shade to provide a discreet method of taking out trash by concealing the contents inside. With a 55-gallon capacity, these garbage bin liners are compatible with trash cans of 55 to 60 gallons. These refuse sacks measure 38 inches in length by 58 inches in width. Shipped as coreless rolls in a 100 count box.

Won't Rip Or Tear

Low Density Plastic Material

Made using LDPE plastic of different thicknesses, these garbage can liners do not tear or rip while carrying sharp, irregular objects. Built for durability!

No More Leakage

Reinforced Star Seal Bottom

Designed with a strong star seal bottom, these waste bin liners are leakproof, allowing you to confidently store or haul away wet wastes. Keep garbage bins dry and clean!

Even Weight Distribution

Stretches With Weight

These bin liners are stretchable for even waste distribution while containing hefty wastes. Designed for easy removal from bins!

Discreet Disposal

Black Shade Hides Contents Inside

Featuring a dark black shade, these kitchen garbage bags conceal the waste inside to let you dispose of garbage discreetly. Shiny finish for visual appeal!

Choose Your Size

Available In Different Capacities

These black bin bags are available and sold in a variety of capacities, making them perfect for carrying trash of any quantity. Never run out of space to fill waste!

Use For Various Scenarious

Made For Versatile Use

These refuse liners are versatile and great for garbage cans, ice buckets, and storage containers in your commercial or home setting. Multi-purpose usage!

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