Artfully package sushi rolls with our Roku collection. Pick from our selection of unique sushi boxes to elevate your delivery presentations and impress your customers. Perfect for catering events, food trucks, and restaurants, our sushi trays instantly make appetizers and entrees portable.

Our sushi containers are made with crack-resistant plastic that offers durability and dependability while packing up delivery orders. Made in several sizes and styles, neatly arrange all kinds of meals in our sushi trays. Great for keeping orders intact while on the go, our sushi boxes include clear lids that securely snap onto containers to prevent spills. Our sushi containers are 100% recyclable to provide customers with an eco-friendly way to dispose of take out packaging.

Sleek, stylish, and sturdy, our Roku collection of sushi boxes takes food delivery presentations to new heights. If you’re looking to impress guests at your restaurant or cafe, our stylish sushi trays are made for your business. Shop our various sizes and styles to stock up on high-end sushi trays for your foodservice establishment.

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