Perfect Point Titanium Blue Stainless Steel Long Straight Tweezers - 11 3/4" x 3/4" - 1 count box

Product Description

These food tweezers are constructed with long straight ends for plating delicate bite-sized foods. These elegant tweezers come in titanium blue, are easy to use, and are constructed from premium stainless steel for durability and dependability. A staple for any chef who needs precise plating of their small foods, these tweezers are a must-have kitchen tool for chefs and cooks needing to put the final detailed touch to their specialty dishes. Measuring 11.8 inches, these perfect point straight food tweezers are the right size for easy plating and food presentations. You will receive one pair of Perfect Point Long Straight Tweezers per order.

RWM0053 Product Details
Product MaterialStainless Steel 201
Product ColorTitanium Blue
Pack Size1 X 1 BX
Case Quantity
Product Length11.8 inches
Product Width0.75 inches
Product Height0.4 inches
Product Size ounces
Precisely Place Garnishes

Specially Engineered Tips Hold Delicate Foods

From fine point tips to offset tips, these plating tweezers are designed to handle the most delicate foods for picking, arranging, turning, and more. Easily place microgreens or sauté vegetables!

Confidently Plate Food

Exterior Grooves Provide A Secure Hold

With grooves on each exterior side, these garnish tweezers securely clasp delicate foods. Plus, the micro-teeth on each tip provides extra grip to avoid dropping olives and capers.

Multiple Sizes & Shapes Available

Find The Perfect Length And Style

Choose from our various sizes and shapes to comfortably pull out fish bones or pick cherries from jars. These food tweezers are the right length for any job in need of a delicate touch.

Strong & Sturdy

Premium Stainless Steel For Long-Lasting Use

Made from high-quality stainless steel, these cooking tweezers can withstand heat, making them ideal for cooking or handling hot food. Effortlessly grill asparagus or zucchini without damaging them.

Easy To Identify

Titanium Blue Finish Stands Out

Featuring a sleek, titanium blue finish, these food styling tweezers can be easily spotted in your utensil drawer so you can quickly grab them to remove broken egg shells. No more time spent searching for tweezers!

Cleanup Is A Breeze

Compatible With Dishwashers

These stainless steel kitchen tweezers can be put in the dishwasher for an easy clean up after plating food. They can also be wiped down with a wet cloth before decorating your next dish.

In stockIn stock
Product Specs
ColorTitanium Blue
Length (Inches)11.8
Width (Inches)0.75
Height (Inches)0.4
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