Protect employees’ hands from sharp edges with our Life Protector collection of gloves. Crafted from polyethylene and fiberglass, our cutting gloves are cut-resistant, making them perfect for cutting and slicing food with knives. All of our protective gloves are level 5 to prevent the sharpness of industrial kitchen knives from accidentally injuring hands.

With a breathable design, our cut-resistant gloves allow employees to comfortably use sharp knives with full dexterity making them great for everyday use. A selection of our safety gloves has silicone on the palm, making them non-slip to provide a secure grip when handling knives and other utensils. Our food-safe gloves are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes to comfortably fit over employees’ hands.

Featuring a gray finish, our cutting gloves seamlessly match uniforms and give staff a professional look. Each of our anti-cut gloves is food safe for handling fruits, vegetables, and meats. Our Life Protector gloves are reusable for everyday use at your establishment.

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