Indo Natural Palm Leaf Spoon - 7" - 100 count box

Product Description

Provide your guests with trendy dinnerware using our Indo Natural Palm Leaf Spoons. These eco-friendly spoons are made from areca palm leaves to add a unique and organic touch to your restaurant or catered event. Constructed with heavy-duty material, these palm leaf spoons won't bend or break from the weight of food. Plus, they are hot and cold and friendly to easily enjoy all kinds of dishes. To avoid messy eating, these leaf spoons keep leaks and grease from seeping through. These areca palm leaf spoons can be put in the oven, freezer, and microwave to eat frozen or reheated leftovers. For easy cleanup, these commercially compostable spoons are disposable. These biodegradable spoons measure 7 inches in length. Sold in a 100 count box. This item will only degrade outside of the traditional solid waste stream.


Made From Areca Palm Leaves

Manufactured from areca palm leaves, these wooden cutlery spoons add an exquisite appeal to your banquet settings. These spoons have a smooth finish for a comfortable hold.

Durable Construction

Avoids Breaking Or Leaking

Made from premium material, these wooden spoons for eating are durable and do not bend or break. Relish saucy or oily dishes without any mess as they retain leaks and grease.

For Hot & Cold Foods

Eat Various Foods Comfortably

These dessert spoons easily withstand high temperatures, making them great for enjoying both hot and cold foods. Enjoy your hot brownies and cold ice creams!

Versatile Design

Microwavable & Freezable

Use these wooden tasting spoons along with your dishes in the microwave, or refrigerator as they withstand extreme temperatures. One spoon for every cooking requirement.

Sustainable Alternative

For Planet-Conscious Disposal

These disposable wooden spoons are highly sustainable and gentle on the planet, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint. Quick disposal for easy cleaning.

Choose The Perfect Style

Available In Different Sizes

Available in various sizes and designs, these leaf spoons let you select them according to your needs and are a fantastic addition to your cutlery set. A great way to relish your desserts!

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Product Specs
Length (Inches)7
Width (Inches)1.15
Height (Inches)0.118
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