Provide customers with the perfect lighting using our Fire Tek collection. With a pillar structure, our fake candles are tall and thin to elevate their look and capture guests’ attention. Plus, their design gives the illusion of melted candles. Equipped with a flickering LED flame, our pillar candles have a white plastic or real wax exterior to add to their authentic-looking appearance. Our battery-operated candles can be programmed to last 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours.

You can easily program these LED candles with our coordinating remote control without the need to manually change their settings. Featuring a brightness setting, our remote control allows you to choose the amount of light the candles distribute to create the perfect atmosphere in your restaurant. Our remote control also includes a feature that flickers the LED light of the candle for a more realistic-looking flame.

To keep your food warm, use our long-lasting chafing fuel dish cans. Equipped with a wick, our chafing dish fuel can remains lit for up to 6 hours. Our fuel dish cans use diethylene glycol, a non-flammable liquid that provides safe burning. With a safety screw cap, our wick chafing fuel can be resealed and reused until the fuel runs out.

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