Securely package take out and delivery orders in an eco-friendly way with our collection of Eco Tek products. Built to be commercially compostable and a green alternative to traditional take out containers, these compostable boxes offer sustainability without sacrificing quality. 


A selection of our compostable containers combines eco-friendly kraft paper with a cornstarch-based PLA liner that is grease-resistant and durable enough to hold hefty meals. Each of our Eco Tek containers guarantees your take out meals arrive just as great as they did leaving your restaurant while giving customers peace of mind that they’re lessening their carbon footprint. Choose from bento boxes with multiple compartments to take out containers with secure seals to find the best fit for your cafe, restaurant, catering company, or other foodservice establishment.


Incorporate eco-friendly take out containers into your business to attract eco-conscious customers while knowing you’re doing right by the planet. Browse our collection of Eco Tek products to discover the compostable and sustainable solution to your off-premise operations.

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