Serve samples or meals alongside Restaurantware's Eco Luxe flatware collection. Constructed from eco-friendly materials, our disposable utensils are commercially compostable and serve as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional flatware. With a sturdy handle and durable structure, our disposable flatware won't bend or break during use and allow customers to easily enjoy all types of dishes.

Our Eco Luxe flatware collection features flatware sets, providing your staff with an effortless way to set tables or serve orders. Each utensil set is tied with twine or packaged inside a pouch, allowing customers to quickly grab the cutlery they need from your self-serve station to enjoy dishes. Our eco-friendly Eco Luxe collection includes disposable tasting spoons that allow you to provide customers with samples of frozen yogurt, chili, or oatmeal.

Choose the right cutlery to pair meals with at your establishment with our selection of Eco Luxe utensils. From tasting spoons to utensil sets, our eco-friendly cutlery feature flat handles that ensure customers' comfort when enjoying meals. Our Eco Luxe flatware provides you with a simple way to reduce your foodservice establishment's carbon footprint.

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