1. Food Cones – Great Canape Holders – Recipe Included

    Food cones are perfect to use as hand held canape holders, small sized appetizer dishes, bite sized dessert vessels and much more. They are made from beautiful material thus making these cones classy and elegant. Food cones are ideal for serving nuts, fruits, popcorn, fries and a variety of other culinary treats. These cones are meant to be used in restaurants, catering events, bars, hotels and any food setting where the chef needs a special spot to put their yummy culinary creations. Food cones are also eco-friendly, which means they are great vessels to use in establishments where “goi

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  2. Behind the Scenes: Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour

    Antonio Bachour Restaurantware Bamboo Collection
    Chef Antonio Bachour and the Restaurantware Bamboo Collection

    Here we are again! This week at Restaurantware we are excited to share with you the latest behind the scene footage with the king of pastry chef Antonio

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  3. Benefits of Using Bamboo Flatware

    carved bamboo spoon
    Bamboo flatware is eco-friendlly, which is a great reason to use it.

    If you are looking for an alternative to silver flatware, why not try using bamboo flatware. This type of flatware is much more affordable than silver flatware. This means you will be able to save money by buying bamboo flatware. In addition, bamboo flatware is durable, lightweight and adds a charming look to any family gathering, restaurant dining area or catering venue.

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  4. 10 Tips for Eco-Friendly Catering | #FashionForFood

    Premium Wood Serving Boats

    Weddings, banquets, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and other important events depending on catering services to thrive. Caterers take the stress of feeding guests off of their customer’s shoulders. No matter if a cater

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  5. Check Out This French Fry Holder And Yummy French Fry Recipe

    Do you love french fries? Have you ever thought about creating an all you can eat french fry buffet in your restaurant? Come on, sure you have, fries are good and simply delicious. People of all ages love these tasty crispy treats. If you don’t really think a french fry bar would work in your restaurant, perhaps, you just want to put some delicious fries in wood cones and serve them up in wood stands by featuring them on the tables in your establishment.

    Look how great fries looked featured in wood cones, your customers are going to be jumping for joy when th

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  6. Bring Your Food Displays To Life By Using Bamboo Canoes

    Don’t you get depressed looking at the same ol’ food displays all the time? Don’t you think it’s time to make that food presentation come alive? Thankfully, you can achieve such a goal by serving your tasty culinary creations in exotic bamboo canoes. These sweet pieces of tableware come in two sizes small and large so if you get both sizes than you will always have a modern way to serve up your delicious culinary treats.

    A small sized bamboo canoe looks a lot like an adorable little canoe, it can be used for serving individual serving desser

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  7. Creative Drinks Bring Life to Parties

    Creative Drinks Bring Life to Parties

    No matter what season, every party needs to be garnished with great cocktails. Having unique drinks that complement your food perfectly will surely stand out to every guest.

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  8. Impress Your Mardi Gras Party Guests With Mardi Gras Alligator Meatballs

    Are you looking for a new and exciting recipe to serve at your Mardi Gras party? Do you want to impress your guests by serving unique tasty food creations at your bash? If so, try these yummy Mardi Gras Alligator Meatballs and you will surely impress your guests. In addition, you will be creating some exciting Mardi Gras fun throughout your party. (Of course, if you don’t have gator meat than you can use chicken instead – don’t worry you will still be creating something exciting and impressive).

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  9. Purchase Wholesale Catering Supplies Online

    Is there a celebration or an upcoming event in your life that you are required to do a lot of shopping and a lot of planning for it? If this sounds like something that you have gotten yourself involved in, then you probably beginning to establish some kind of a plan and some kind of an idea as to what the celebration is going to be and what all you will be needing to obtain for the things that are going on the day of the event. If you are serving food, for example, you will probably need to get ahold of some buffetware, unless the catering company has specifically stated that they will be providing all of the supplies.

    But even if you think that everyt

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  10. The Sweet Side of Biodegradable Catering

    CATERED EVENTBy Kara Mae Adamo.

    Catering is a wonderful business to get into. You’re being paid to put on a party every day…delighting clients with beautifully crafted deserts and unique flavors. Catering is a joy. It is an art. But it is also a business.

    In any trade, it is important to look at the numbers. During transportation alone, glass and crystal tableware undergoe

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