You Will Be Surprised By What You Can Serve In Bamboo Boats

Posted by Tammy on 13th Sep 2014

Bamboo tableware often gets forgotten, but you should know that there are many benefits to using bamboo dinnerware. First of all, it is eco-friendly so it is perfect for any kind of food businesses, especially establishments that are focusing more on being environmentally friendly. Secondly, bamboo is disposable, which means clean up after a party event is easy and fast. Another reason to use bamboo is this type of tableware is stylish and fashionable so it works well in both casual and upscale food settings. The truth is there are a bunch of reasons why you should be using bamboo tableware, just look at all the things you can serve in Restaurantware’s high quality large bamboo boats.

large bamboo boats
There are a zillion ways to use large bamboo boats, just look at all the things you can serve in them.

1. Chunks of melon, watermelon, cantaloupes and honeydew.

2. Any kind of berry, there is nothing more charming than seeing a few strawberries and a couple of blackberries nestled in a large bamboo boat.

3. Beans like sauteed green beans or a bean salad.

4. Deep fried pickles.

5. Yummy fresh tomatoes.

6. Chicken and vegetable wraps.

7. Fish and chips.

8. Your favorite slider.

9. Tasty crab cakes.

10. Homemade donut holes.

The list of food that you can serve in large bamboo boats goes on and on, the possibilities are endless. Bamboo boats will help you create the most amazing food presentation that all your party guests will remember forever. So, use your imagination, order your bamboo boats and make an awesome food display today.