Why You Should Use Plastic Glasses.

Posted by Tammy on 5th Feb 2015

Do you run a restaurant, bar or hotel? Do you have a catering business that serves drinks on a regular basis? If so, have you considered using plastic glasses in your establishment. If not, you really should, plastic glasses come in many shapes, sizes and colors so you can easily find the type of glass that will add a uniqueness to your food facility.

seagreen incline glass
Every food establishment can benefit from using these pretty seagreen incline glasses.

Did you know that the use of plastic glasses can help a food establishment increase their profits? They can. See, plastic glasses are made of premium plastic that means they are both affordable and durable. The hold up well in outdoor or indoor food settings. On the other hand, glasses that are made of glass cost more to use and can break easily thus you spend more money replacing these types of glasses. In the long run, the food facility saves money because they aren’t purchasing high priced glassware on a regular basis. The best part is when a restaurant, bar or hotel uses plastic glasses they are getting quality glasses at a price that saves them money.

medium martini glass
This Medium Martini Glass look classy filled with a refreshing martini.

Another really good reason to use plastic glasses is safety. Bars and nightclubs are always concerned with glasses breaking in the hands of  their customers as they dance or mingle about a crowded room. There are many times when a glass breaks, the glass cuts the customer or pieces of the glass end up on the floor, in both instances the situation can become a terrible tragedy. However, if the bar or nightclub uses plastic glasses than this type of problem will no longer be an issue in their establishment.

The reality is using plastic glasses in any kind of restaurant, bar, hotel or at any type of catering event is a smart decision. If you own a food establishment, then remember you are sure to benefit from using quality plastic glasses so get your glasses right now at Restaurantware and reap some sweet rewards.