Wedding catering trends

9th Aug 2017

There are nearly 2.5 million weddings every year in the United States. Planning these elaborate events is no small task, especially amidst the changing tides of elusive trends and customer expectations. In the age of Pinterest, The Knot, and Instagram images and ideas move faster than before, trends are more dynamic, and clients are more inclined to think outside of the box.

Though every wedding is a unique masterpiece, considering the following trends are helpful to provide an exciting, delicious food and beverage menu for the cocktail hour, reception, and late night snacks.

  1. Cocktail and Hors D'oeuvre Pairings - Instead of going the cheese and wine route, choose bride and groom inspired small bites and pair them with a cocktail. Success stories include pairings such as: wine and pasta, margaritas and salsa, mimosas and pastry, or craft beer and gourmet donuts.
  2. His & Her Cocktails - This old tradition is coming roaring back, as couples decide to feature and serve their favorite cocktails during the cocktail hour and wedding. Sometimes this tactic is used to cut down on the liquor budget. Instead of offering a full bar, couples on a budget only offer the two signature cocktails with wine, beer, and softdrinks.
  3. Tasting Menu’s - Perfect for foodie couples and their guests, this menu style incorporates 5 to 7 small courses followed by wedding cake and a few bite size sweets. Just because the courses are mini, doesn’t mean that anyone will go hungry. Depending on budget, each course may be paired with small-portion of wine.
  4. Late Night Catering - Just because the cake has been cut, doesn’t mean that the eating is over. After dancing and mingling, some couples are offering their guests a buffet of savory and sweet snacks or calling in a food truck to satiate their hungry guests.
  5. Family Style Food Service - More couples are requesting that their reception meals be served family style to take the stuffiness out of a sit-down meal. Guests can interact casually as they pass around gorgeous dishes. If going this route, better to rethink the massive centerpieces, as you will need more room for serving dishes.