Ways To Use Mini Wood Clothespins

Posted by Tammy on 21st Jun 2014

Many people are always looking for ways to change up their food displays and presentations, a few easy methods to do this is by changing your tableware, adding special elements to your tabletops and including extra touches to your buffets. There are many ways in which you can amp up your tableware, switch up your decorations on your tabletops and turn your buffets into works of art, mini wood clothespins can help you enhance a buffet or tune up your tables.

Here are a couple of ways of using mini clothespins.

1. You use these adorable accessories by writing names of food on little place cards, then pinning them to food dishes to create an awesome food display.

wood clothespins
Make Your A Unique and Interesting Buffet by Using Adorable Mini Wood Clothespins.

Isn’t this just an incredible way to tune up a buffet setting. You can also do the same thing to the food you serve at family gatherings, church socials or even sit-down dinners.

2. You can also attach mini clothespins to name cards during wedding, banquets or other party events. This is a really creative way to let people know where you would like them to sit during your special event.

3. Another way to use these cut accessories is by attaching them to sugar, sweetening or condiment packets, then placing your creation on mini plates so your guests always have their condiments close at hand.  Everyone will love the fact that they don’t have to search for their favorite condiment since it will be featured right on their table.

mini wood clothespins
These food accessories are unique and can be used in many ways.

The fact is with a little creativity mini wood clothespins can help you amp up any food display or presentation. These adorable gems can truly be a life-saver in restaurants, at parties and during any type of catering event.