Ways To Use Mini Porcelain Ramekins

Posted by Tammy on 1st Mar 2014

Remekins have been in kitchens for many many years, they used to only be used as a way to feature creme’ brulee and an assortment of custards. Nowadays, these precious kitchen instruments are being used in a variety of ways, including the ones you see below on the list of “Ways To Use Mini Porcelain Ramekins”.

mini porcelain ramekins
The uses of mini porcelain ramekins are endless.

1. Ramekins are used for featuring and creating creme brulee and custards.

2. They are made to make mini pot pies, meatloafs, servings of macaroni and cheese and tiny casseroles.

3. They can be used to create mini fruit tarts or pies thus they are great to use if you are making individual pies for holiday parties, banquets, weddings or other types of catering events.

4. Mini porcelain ramekins can be used for more than just cooking different food recipes. They can be filled with leftovers, then put in a freezer bag and frozen so you can use the leftovers in the future.

5. They can be filled in condiments like mustard, ketchup, hot sauce and mayonnaise, then placed on a buffet food setting.

6. They can be used as salt and pepper containers.

Mini porcelain ramekins can also be used in other ways too, you can use them as candle holders, tea bag holders, containers for sugar packets and holders for soap in your bathroom. These awesome contemporary instruments can help you improve the overall ambiance of your entire home.

The uses of mini porcelain ramekins are endless so look outside of the box and start using them today.