Using Plastic Containers With Lids In Restaurants

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 25th Mar 2015

Do you believe that plastic containers should only be used to put your leftovers in after dinner? Well, this isn’t so, restaurants can benefit from using plastic containers with lids, too. Matter of fact, a lot of restaurants already use plastic containers regularly for edible and non-edible items. The three most common places where a restaurant uses these types of containers is in the kitchen, dining area and hostess stand/check out area.

deli cup 3
These plastic deli cups with lids should be in very restaurant.

Using Plastic Containers with miniware lids in Restaurant Kitchens:

One plastic container that gets used a lot in a restaurant kitchen is the large deli cup and lid. These vessels are made of premium material so you can use them as to go boxes when a customer as a small amount of food left and wish to take it home.

Plastic deli cups are versatile, durable and offer a modern touch to any kind of culinary treat. They are definitely great to have in the kitchen.

Using Plastic Containers with miniware lids in Restaurant Dining Areas:

If your restaurant offers crayons at the tables for children to use while they wait for their food to arrive, then you could put the crayons in pretty oval deli cups. These cups look amazing on any kind of restaurant tabletop.

If your restaurant places food on the tables for customers to snack on while they wait for their food, then Terzetto dishes and lids would work perfectly to hold your the food you serve.

Using Plastic Containers with miniware lids in Restaurant Hostess Stands/Checkout Areas:

You could offer mints or other types of candy on the stand and feature it in plastic cups, but don’t forget to put a fabulous miniware lid under the counter so at the end of the day you can cover the goodies up for the night.

terzetto plates
You should try these Terzetto plates out in your Restaurant or at your Catering events.

There are many way to use plastic containers with miniware lids in your restaurants, this type of tableware is definitely products that all restaurants can benefit from using in their establishments. You should try using them now.