Using Black Plastic Plates As Dinnerware

Posted by Catering Supplier on 26th Jun 2011

bamboo plates

Entertaining can be quite posh when you use the right disposable dinnerware like black plastic plates. The plates can be used for serving entrees and desserts. Other accessories can be found to coordinate with the plates, plastic cutlery for instance and napkins. When the evening is over, your clean-up will be simple. The plates and accessories are simply discarded. There are many different sizes of black plastic plates.
You may want to use something other than plastic, that’s where bamboo plates step in. They are disposable and biodegradable. These plates have an upscale look and are very sturdy holding much more food than paper or Styrofoam. The best part is they’re biodegradable, meaning they will break down naturally into basic components and be absorbed back into the earth.

You have the dinnerware for the occasion, now you need flute glasses to hold the champagne served that evening. These glasses, especially plastic ones are varied in design. A classic 6 ounce polycarbonate unbreakable fluted champagne glass is always a popular choice.
Make entertaining interesting by using black or bamboo dinnerware. It will catch the attention of your guests and give your event an upscale look. Add champagne flutes to the dinnerware and your event is sure to be a hit. Add the right accessories and finish your table dressing tastefully and you are sure to have a successful party.