Use Tall Quadrato Cups for All Your Dessert Treats

Posted by Tammy on 3rd Mar 2014

Are you a lover of desserts? Do you offer parfaits, sweet puddings, shakes or a sweet mousse treat on your restaurant menu? Many food establishments make and serve scrumptious desserts as we all know, but the thing that most people don’t realize is that the container in which a dessert is served is as important as the taste of the dessert. Thankfully, there is one high quality modern dessert cup that can be used for many types of desserts so if you’re serving desserts you don’t have to search all over the place to find the right dessert dish.

tall quadrato cups
Tall Quadrato Cups, A Beautiful way to serve your favorite dessert.

Tall Quadrato Cup Seagreen 4 ounces 100 count box1

Tall Quadrato cups make excellent dessert containers. They measure 2 inches in length x 2.75 inches in height x 2 inches in width. Plus, these beautiful cups come in three colors black, seagreen and white so they can uplift the appearance of any dessert treat. You can definitely benefit by putting shakes, parfaits, puddings and mousse treats in these cups because they have a unique four-sided design that adds flair to desserts of this nature. Of course, you can’t serve a pie in them, but these beauties are truly awesome containers for most desserts.

So, remember if you are serving desserts in your restaurant, home or catering event, tall quadrato cups can help you create the best dessert in town. Go ahead, use these pretty modern cups today because your guests will surely be happy to see these cups filled with your delectable desserts, that’s a fact.