Use Porcelain Mini Heart Plates And Let You Love Shine.

Posted by Tammy on 2nd Mar 2014

Can your customers feel the love in the air when they walk into your restaurant? Do your food presentations show them that you care about the food you serve them? The fact is if you let your love shine through your food displays than your customers will know you care about them thus they will return time and time again to your food establishment.

Mini Heart Plate Porcelain
Mini Heart Plate Porcelain 3.31 inch 10 count box
Mini Heart Plate Porcelain 3.31
Mini Heart Plate Porcelain 3.31 inch 10 count box


One way to let your love shine is by using porcelain mini heart plates because they add a sweet elegant look to any type of food display. In addition, porcelain mini heart plates are made of beautiful porcelain that can enhance colored dessert treats and appetizers. For example: If you put a couple of mini chocolate bon bons on one of these plates, the sweet treat will look totally elegant and classy. Mini porcelain plates measure 3.31 inches in length x .25 inches in height x 3 inches width. They are strong and sturdy. They can be placed in the oven for heating delicious appetizers and desserts. They make sensational plates for romantic food gatherings and for adding a little love to any type of food display. Your guests are sure to enjoy these adorable plates so let your love shine brightly by using these elegant porcelain mini heart plates now.