Use Catering Tableware That Impresses When Catering Grand Opening Events

Posted by Tammy on 9th May 2012

Many businesses big and small have grand opening events on the first day that they open their doors to the public. Mostly these types of events are put together so the business can get its name out throughout their community. In addition, grand opening events are a great way for a business to impress potential clients and draw in people so their business grows in a positive fashion.

Many businesses achieve their grand opening event goals by doing such things as: offering incentives to draw folks into the business, having maximum staff on hand and including local government officials as part of the grand opening ceremony. In addition, many businesses include entertainment in the form of music, mascots and food.

If you have been asked to be part of the food festivities during a grand opening event one thing that you will be expected to do is provide fantastic tasting treats served on exciting catering tableware. However, don’t panic every great caterer has fantastic tasting food recipes lying around, right? In addition, you can get all the exciting catering tableware that you need at

Two very exciting tableware products that you can get at Restaurant Ware are Mini Tasting Bowls and Mini Modern Plates. In addition, both of these catering tableware products come in black, white and seagreen thus they will match any grand opening event color scheme. One other great thing about these two products is that they will make your tasty treats look incredibly impressive. This is exactly the goal that you want to achieve as the caterer of an event of this nature.

Mini Tasting Bowls
Impressive and exciting bowls that are a must have for any grand opening event.

Another product that you can also find at Restaurant Ware and that will also help you reach your goal is a Duet Tasting Cup. This catering tableware product is sure to impress.

Duet Tasting Cup
A very impressive cup that will excite everyone.

In the end, simply shop Restaurant Ware to find exciting fun designed tableware so you can have a grand opening event happy ending!