Unique Pinewood Cones Can Amp Up Any Food Display

Posted by Tammy on 20th Feb 2014

Many people see a Pinewood cone and automatically turn their heads because they don’t really understand what these amazing cones can be used for in a particular food setting. The fact is these unique cones can be used in a number of ways in restaurants, catering environments and even in your very own personal kitchen.

For instance, you can amp up the appearance of a classic chef’s salad just by putting it in a large, medium or mini Pinewood cone when you serve it to your customers. The one thing to remember when putting your salad in a cone of this nature is these cones won’t hold liquids, but you can drizzle a small amount of dressing over the top of your salad, just don’t add to much because the wood will soften in the presence of moisture over time.

Pinewood Cone Large
Large Pinewood Cones are very useful.

A few other ways that you can use these incredible cones is to fill them up with nuts, popcorn or other party snacks. One example is that at many bridal showers and weddings people choose to serve up mints and peanuts in cute little dishes on their tables, but if you want a unique way to amp up a snack of this fashion, then try displaying your treats in a pinewood cone because these cones will take the treat to new heights of elegance. In addition, these cones are great for serving up chips, crackers or cheeses in both upscale and casual food gatherings.

Medium Pinewood Cones
Medium Pinewood Cones are great for serving chips, crackers and cheese.


Medium Pinewood Cones
Mini Pinewood Cones are an amazing way to serve fresh blueberries.


The look and quality of a large, medium or mini pinewood cone is astonishing. They are intended to help you create a one-of-a-kind food presentation so the next time you see a pinewood cone just take a minute and use your imagination because you will be surprised by all the ways you can use these modern day serving devices.