Unconventional Serving Surfaces

23rd Aug 2017

Unconventional Serving Surfaces have taken off in the last half decade as restaurants, caterers, and chefs feel the need to showcase their creations and express their brand personalities. Despite the #WEWANTPLATES initiative to quash this global trend of serving on slabs, boards, shovels, wheelbarrows, and more; this trend is here to stay. Though quirky serving surfaces are not appropriate for all venues or occasions, it is too interesting and the customer response is too strong for it to completely disappear.

We all agree that a plate is a broad, concave or flat, vessel on which food can be served. It keeps food mess off the table and provides the diner with a personal surface to cut, separate, and eat food. The Chinese discovered the process for making porcelain around 600 AD. In Europe, it wasn’t until the 1700s that potteries became prevalent. Since then, we have commissioned a host of disposable options. It is safe to say that the plate and its function will never be threatened.

Some resist unconventional serving surfaces because they are impractical and seemingly not food safe. Perhaps, the trend did go too far when bread was served in slippers and a petite filet on a meat cleaver. Yet, other aspects of unconventional serving surfaces are practical and a lot of fun. We hope your business joins in despite the #WEWANTPLATES naysayers.

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