Two Refreshing Cocktail Recipes – Perfect For Any Special Occasion

Posted by Tammy on 26th Sep 2014

If you are looking for a couple of tasty and refreshing cocktail recipes, then here you go. These beverages will help you bring fun and excitement to any special occasion or party celebration. Although, these cocktail recipes are very tasty and offer a lovely appearance, you can enhance their overall quality by placing super cool bamboo loop picks in them.

Bamboo picks are the perfect elements to add to any cocktail or mocktail drink. They offer a modern flair to non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages so get creative and put them in your next party drink.

bamboo loop picks
Bamboo loop picks are the ideal drink picks.

Classy Dirty Martini Recipe (This recipe is for two beverages so remember to increase the ingredients if you plan to make these for a big crowd).


3 ounces of vodka

A couple of splashes of olive juice

A couple of bamboo loop picks



Put 1 1/2 ounces in a shaker glass, add a splash of olive juice, then shake beverage and drain into a martini glass. Now, place an olive or two on a high quality bamboo loop pick and serve.

A Refreshing Greyhound Cocktail (This recipe is for two beverages)


Grapefruit Juice



Bamboo loop picks


Put grapefruit juice and ice in a 4 ounce cocktail glass, remember to leave a little room for the vodka, then add one or two shots of vodka to the grapefruit juice. Now, stir with a bamboo loop pick and serve. Enjoy.