Top Wedding Menu Trends | #FashionForFood

Top Wedding Menu Trends | #FashionForFood

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 31st May 2016



Weddings are among the most important events that can happen. Nowadays, more and more brides are investing more time and money into planning the perfect day. Not only are couples spending more on dresses, cakes, and venues, but they are also taking the time to plan and carving budgets specifically for meals. Here are a few hot trends that more and more wedding guests are experiencing and loving:


Celebrating culture

Weddings are becoming more and more diverse, especially when it comes to celebrating the different cultures of the bride and groom. The most interesting part of this exciting trend is finding different ways to not only marry two people, but also two cultures. When different cultures collide, interesting themes and foods debut and impress guests of all ages. Everyone will appreciate the creativity and personal touch put into their delicious meals. However, culture shouldn’t just be reflected in the food, but it should also be represented in the decorations and table settings.


Reliving the love

Weddings are becoming more and more about walking down memory lane before starting the bride and groom start the next big chapter of their lives. Guests aren’t just reminded of the lucky couple’s memories through pictures — many wedding cocktail hours, meals, and dessert reflect the different foods the couple has enjoyed throughout their time together. Whether they recreate the first meal the couple shared together or their go-to Friday night grub, serving guests foods the couple holds dear to their hearts just adds another personal touch to a very important day.



Tis the season

Every details of a wedding matters, especially which season it is held in. Different seasons call for different types of meals, snacks, cocktails, and more. Also, paying attention to the season and which vegetables and fruits are grown during that time of the year. This information can guide the bride and groom to making environmentally-conscious food decisions by choosing produce that is in-season. If a wedding uses seasonal produce, then we collectively save money by not forcing the use of energy for greenhouses. Many more couples are turning to this option to not only help out the environment, but also give their guests a seasonal experience.


Displaying above and beyond

More and more wedding caterers are putting more attention to displays as much as the food they are serving. From choosing specific dishes to creating fabulous showcases, food is becoming not only tastier, but also more fashionable. More brides and grooms are hiring professional chefs to display their specialties like rolling fresh sushi, grilling premium ingredients, and assembling other cuisines in front of guests. Caterers are also looking to display familiar foods in chic ways, such as using elegant paper cones and other appealing serveware.


Phenomenal entrees

Premium seafood and meats are spicing up the wedding culture. Brides and grooms across the country are spending more money in the food category to treat themselves and their guests. Lobster, filet mignon, and more delicacies are becoming increasingly popular on wedding menus. Adding to the modern elegant theme, these foods bring a whole new flair to otherwise ordinary dishes. Not only is the type of meat the focus in this trend, but also the quality and source. More couples are also requesting only organic meat and locally-caught seafood.


Adapting to guests’ eating needs

Food sensitivities are on the rise and they don’t magically disappear for weddings. More and more brides and grooms are taking more measures and precautions to accommodate guests with specific dietary requests. Beyond offering many different meal options for those with certain needs, wedding caterers are now labeling different foods to reflect what they may or may not have as an ingredient (ie: “Gluten Free” or “Vegan”). This lets your guests know that you are keeping everyone’s needs in mind.


Involving your guests with food stations

Interactive buffets are gaining popularity in the wedding industry. Now, wedding guests look forward to making their own customized sandwiches or creating a one-of-a-kind s’more over an open fire. Another popular DIY station is a sundae bar where guests have a selection of different toppings to make their ideal ice cream treat. This adds a unique feel and fun twist on any bride’s big day.