Top 4 Beer Snacks

Top 4 Beer Snacks

29th Jan 2018

Give your beer-loving regulars something to celebrate by offering crunchy, crispy, and cheesy snacks. Enhance flavor and weekday night happy hour with delicious small dishes served in charming snackware. Find the ultimate pairing guide below compiled by Restaurantware.

Flavored French Fries

Whether it is chili-lime or black truffle honey, stylishly cut and exquisitely flavored potatoes should be a menu staple for your beer drinking crowd. Fried with finesse, finished with slightly salty seasonings, cheese crumbles, or classic condiments, there is nothing about fries that doesn’t go with beer. Try shoestring sweet potato fries with garlic salt and spicy mayo paired with American or European pale lager.

Tempura Veggies

Bring the delicate Japanese tradition of tempura to your ale-drinking customers. The elegant, airy, deep-fried batter is delicious over carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, onions, and mushrooms. The combination of crunch on the outside and al-dente on the inside is a wonderful partner for the crisp taste of Japanese style brew.

Dip Trios

Spicy salsa, chunky guacamole, and creamy queso are an inspiring trifecta to get the weekend going. Add some homemade tortilla chips, slices of fresh jalapeno pepper, and some pickled carrots to complete the presentation. Pair with Mexican beer.


Some combination of lamb, beef, chicken, and the perfect essence of Mediterranean flavor come together in appealing links or enticing slices. All the way from Middle Eastern shores, kebabs have come West earning an important place in street fare, bar food, and even fine dining. Connect the roasted flavors of grilled kebab meat with the toasted malt flavors in an American brown ale.