Top 10 Menu Trends | #FashionForFood

Top 10 Menu Trends | #FashionForFood

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 19th Feb 2016

Antonio Bachour Creations
Chef Antonio Bachour Creations | Restaurantware Glass Collection


Every chef knows that menus and kitchens change constantly, so it is important to keep up with the latest trends. Over the years, the food industry has made some daring changes to excite customers’ taste buds. Constantly adding to and changing your menu keeps customers interested Follow these 10 latest trends for a surely successful menu:


  • Explore the sushi culture: Sushi has taken the world by storm, so it’s no surprise to be on our countdown of the top 10 menu trends. Whether you are creating exotic sushi rolls or sushi-inspired desserts, everyone will love your Asian theme especially if you carry it through your tableware. With a wide variety of sushi plates, chopsticks, sushi boats, and sushi mats at Restaurantware,  you can be sure to impress everyone with your unique sushi-filled menu.


  • Taco fiesta: Along with sushi, tacos are also making their way back onto gourmet menus. Tacos are easy-to-eat, interesting, and full of exciting flavors, so customers of all ages love enjoying them. Displaying tacos beautifully can be tricky because they don’t stand up on their own. However, Restaurantware has the perfect solution for you with our elegant taco racks. We have many different sizes available to hold various quantities of tacos.


  • Make appetizers fun with cones: Cones are starting to appear more and more on regular menus because of their stunning character and modern pizzazz. There are many different types of food cones including bamboo, wood, and paper. Each have their own look, but all of them are reliable, beautiful, and elegant. You can display many different foods in this lovely tableware including fries, chips, cookies, popcorn, chicken, and more. Serving your appetizers, sides, or other dishes in food cones gives your customers a unique and fun experience.


  • Food infusion amps up flavors: Pipettes are strong little tools, especially when creating a diverse and exclusive menu. Using pipettes to infuse different flavors adds a whole new depth to your dishes. Your customers will love the thought you put into developing your different flavors for an entirely new experience. These infused dishes are used more and more on many different menus and customers are loving every minute of it. So, go ahead and take a chance — try infusing flavors today!


  • One-of-a-kind displays in mini fry baskets and pans: Besides focusing on the flavors of different dishes, more and more menus are accentuating how foods are displayed. Thus, you don’t want to miss out on the elegance and exclusiveness of metal mini fry and pan displays. These take ordinary cookware and turn them into chic serving pieces and surprise every guest. Metal and other serving pieces add character to dishes that customers won’t expect. Take everyone by surprise and try out a mini fry basket or pan.


  • Focus on pairing foods with sauces: Besides crafting food specifically, more chefs are now making a point to create complementary dips and sauces to elevate their existing flavors. Pipettes come in all shapes and sizes, so you can infuse many different types of dishes. Restaurantware has an extensive collection of food grade pipettes that you can use for any occasion. All of our pipettes are made with top-of-the-line plastic, so they are reliable and beautiful. You can create an entirely inventive menu by using pipettes effectively.


  • Picks are a staple on modern menus: Customers around the world love the convenience and style of skewers and picks. Whether you plan to use skewers for decoration, labelling, or serving, there are hundreds of different picks available for use at any establishment. Many menus are now centering their menus on using picks by serving primarily finger foods. Though picks have always been a staple in the catering industry, they are now debuting on restaurant menus as well.


  • Making menus on-the-go: Delivery and carryout are becoming more and more popular as customers favor fast and easy food service. Instead of only having on menu, restaurants are now offering delivery and takeout menus. These menus provide deals or specials for customers taking their foods on-the-go. There are many options for takeout boxes and containers that make serving meals to-go easy. At Restaurantware, we have bagasse, paper, plastic, and more takeout options. You can always depend on these containers to stay sturdy when your customers are enjoying their meals on-the-go.


  • Using edibles to make pastries easy: Customers are not the only ones looking for convenience, chefs are too! Edible shells, cones, and more take the stress out of baking and still taste just as delicious.  Restaurantware’s gourmet edible products are made with premium ingredients, so you won’t be skipping on quality when serving these to your customers. You can easily make eclairs, quiches, and more with our large assortment of edibles.                               


  • Some of this, some of that: Sampling and family-style meals are coming back into the trendy scene. People love tasting different foods, especially all at one time. This helps eliminate the pressure of choosing between meals and also adds to the community feel at the table. Your customers will love conversing with their loved ones while sharing your delicious dishes. Whether you serve more platters or combos, trying out this trend is well worth the reward.