Tips For Buying Porcelain Cups

Posted by Tammy on 11th Feb 2015

Porcelain cups are durable and strong. In years past, people mostly used them in high end restaurants or at fancy parties like weddings, almost every couple who is getting married registers for porcelain cups when they make a bridal registry account. Nowadays, porcelain cups get used in all kinds of food settings including bar-b-ques, birthday parties, luncheons, casual gatherings and much more. The fact is almost every caterer, restaurant owner and home party host has porcelain cups in their tableware arsenal. If you don’t have any of these cups yet, surely you will want some of them in the future, which is why you should check out these tips for buying porcelain cups.

mini quadro cup
This quaint porcelain cup makes a great dessert dish.

First tip: Decide on how many cups you will need, some people buy a particular cup for casual gatherings and a different type for their upscale events.

Second tip: Determine the number of cups you will need, if you tend to cater to small crowds, then you will only need to purchase a few cups. However, if you do more catering at larger events, then make sure you buy several varieties of porcelain cups in large amounts.

Third tip: Get different sized cups. It is always nice to have different sized cups, it allows you to feature a variety of culinary treats in unique ways.

Fourth tip: Purchase your porcelain cups from a reputable catering supply distributor like Restaurantware. Many caterers, restaurant chefs, bar managers and home party hosts get all their party and catering supplies at Restaurantware because they only offer high quality products.

mini ramekin
This high quality mini Ramekin will go perfect in any food setting.

If you are a professional or amateur chef, an expert or beginner caterer than you will benefit from using porcelain cups, they come in a bunch of shapes and designs thus they look classy and fit into most any type of food environment. Why not, take the time now and get porcelain cups for your next food engagement.