The Year of the Food Bowl

27th Jun 2017

Early in the year, 2017 was deemed the Year of the Food Bowl, due to the rising trend of meals and hearty snacks served in bowls. Now more than halfway through the year, the trend continues to become more expansive as more and more of us jump on the bowl bandwagon.

Putting everything in a bowl is a convenient, quick, and easy to eat on the go. The individual has the choice to mix everything together or simply eat one ingredient at a time. Arguably, one of the greatest bowl benefits is the opportunity to create new flavors by mixing unsuspecting ingredients together in a single spoon or forkful.

Some believe that the Japanese tradition of ramen, is at the epicenter of the food bowl’stake off in popularity. More than noodles and broth, one finds vegetables, sliced meats, hard boiled eggs, and shrimp tempura all in the same delicious bowl. Similarly, the Hawaiian tradition of poke (pok-keh) which means to slice or cut has encouraged the bowl trend with the growing popularity of tuna poke bowls.

Wherever or however the trend began, the food bowl trend is seemingly here to stay as it is more convenient for consumers and chefs. Assembling everything in the same vessel is easier and faster to consume, promotes the feeling of being fuller faster, and encourages mindfulness during every flavorful bite. Chefs need not spend so much time plating and presenting when building a food bowl. Part of the trend is celebrating the ingredients for what they are and enjoying the uniqueness of every bowl.

Whether you are offering acai bowls or Buddha bowls, ramen or poke, having an Eco-friendly to-go vessel is a must, as so much of the food bowl popularity is due to convenience. Consider an Asian style Panda Bowl for savory bowls and clear plastic PET bowl for sweet or fruity bowls.