The Versatility of Mini Porcelain Cocktail Bowls Is Incredible

Posted by Tammy on 20th Feb 2014

The versatility of mini porcelain cocktail bowls is incredible, they can be used in many types of restaurants and for serving several kinds of foods. Restaurant and Catering Company owners can truly benefit from using glorious mini porcelain cocktail bowls. Matter of fact, chefs in cooking schools, bars, hotels and even residential settings can also profit from using these modern bowls.

mini porcelain cocktail bowls
The versatility of mini cocktail bowls is incredible.

Mini porcelain cocktail bowls have an elegant style and design that can give height to appetizers, desserts and tasting dishes. The small curved sides add a simple, yet, exquisite feature to buffet stations and sit-down meals. The white color of a mini porcelain bowl adds a special classiness to any food setting. In addition, the color, style and design of mini porcelain dishes allow them to mix well with most any colored tableware.

Mini porcelain cocktail bowls can be used to serve mini appetizers, snacks, desserts and dips. The fact is you can put almost anything in these bowls, just as long as you remember that these chic bowls measure 2.95 inches in length  x 1.25 inches in height x 3 inches in width. It would be very cool to put a cold soup in mini porcelain bowls to use as an appetizer during a wedding, baby shower or banquet.

See, mini porcelain cocktail bowls are truly versatile modern dishes that can benefit any chef in any type of food setting. Why not start using them today so you can see just how amazing these bowls really are in both commercial and residential food environments.