The Real Reasons To Use Bamboo Plates

Posted by Tammy on 19th Sep 2014

The type of tableware a person using for catering is very important, which is why every caterer should know about all the kinds of tableware on the market. If you are a  caterer than you probably know all about paper, plastic, glass and china, but do you know there are some really good reasons to use bamboo tableware. This type of tableware seems to get forgotten so keep reading to find out the real reasons why you should be using bamboo plates, bowls, cups and cutlery.

7 inch veneer plate
Bamboo Veneer Plates are perfectly designed for any kind of catering event.

Reasons You Should Be Using Bamboo Tableware and Flatware.

1. Bamboo Veneer Plates are durable so they don’t tend to break as easily as other forms of disposable tableware.

2. Bamboo tableware is affordable so even people who are on a strict budget can afford this type of tableware.

3. Bamboo plates come in many shapes, which means you can purchase a shape that adds a modern twist to your catering event.

4. Bamboo cutlery is also heavy duty, inexpensive and adds a modern flair to any type of casual or upscale party setting.

5. Bamboo veneer plates come in a variety of sizes and are versatile. This means you can use them to serve a variety of dishes like appetizers, desserts, side dishes and even main dishes.

Above is only a short list of great reasons to use bamboo tableware and flatware, the reality is you can depend on bamboo plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are equipped with all the qualities every caterer needs in regard to tableware. So, the next time you are looking for quality tableware and flatware don’t forget about bamboo tableware, why not get some pieces of bamboo tableware right now so you will be prepared for your next catering event.