The power of the perfect cup

15th Aug 2017

We all know Styrofoam is bad for the environment. It does not disintegrate. It is made from precious, non-renewable fossil fuels. Ozone damaging byproducts such as hydro fluorocarbons are released into the atmosphere during production. It can contaminate food and cause serious health problems. It is becoming harder and harder to recycle Styrofoam as many recycling plants are no longer accepting Styrofoam. Even as bans on the use of Styrofoam are sweeping the West, more than 25 billion Styrofoam cups and containers are tossed every year by Americans alone.

What else is bad about Styrofoam? It is leaky, easily breakable, and hideous. How often have you received Styrofoam take-out containers that leaked everywhere and stained your clothes or created a mess. How about a to-go cup that you handled a bit too roughly that turned into an exploding liquid problem? Anecdotal evidence aside, Styrofoam has inferior performance and devastating effects on the planet and human body.

So let’s do better.

In the foodservice industry, competition becomes more intense and customers more fickle with every passing trend. It’s important to control what you can to position your business for success. Phase out Styrofoam from your business and communicate with your guests about your reasoning behind the decision. No one will miss the repulsive Styrofoam.

If you are worried about your bottom line and that you won’t be able to acquire an alternative, eco-friendly cup or container for pennies a unit, you are absolutely right. Eco-friendly disposables are more expensive, but what about the cost to the environment and our health? Plus, there are many ways to overcome the added expense of doing the right thing. Be creative, communicate with your customers, and encourage eco-friendly practices in and out of your restaurant.

Go in search of the perfect plastic, reusable and recyclable cups and containers for your business and bottom line. For cups, we recommend our safe for reuse, polypropylene Flexi Grip Collection They are elegant, translucent, and top-rack dishwasher safe. For containers, shop our Asporto Collection for microwavable to-go boxes. Your guests will be able to take both of these products home, reuse several times, and then recycle them.