The Great Outdoor Event

Posted by Catering Supplier on 23rd Sep 2010

By Kara Mae Adamo

Whether you’re planning an exquisite wedding under a lovely canopy or you’re thinking “out of the box”—or, well, room—for your next corporate meeting, the great outdoors provides an excellent backdrop for any catered event. Stepping out of a dusty office building and into the fresh air and sunlight will help you think clearer and significantly reduce stress levels. From salt from the ocean blowing in on a light breeze and the feel of sunlight on your skin, to the sound of water trickling down a stream, the natural beauty of a valley, beach, forest, or lake will delight the senses of all of your guests.  Restaurant Ware’s beautifully crafted, quality products will provide the finishing touch you’ve been looking for any outdoor venue you choose.

While the benefits of catering outdoors are extensive, the downside has always typically been that, with the wonders of the great outdoors, come the limits on tableware. Aside from subjecting glass and crystal to the elements—not to mention the transportation—outdoor catering has often been limited to harmful plastics and Styrofoam that are not only terrible for the earth, but cheapen the presentation.

There are, however, better alternatives. now offers a line of tableware ideal for outdoor catering. Made entirely of bamboo, it is not only sustainable, ecologically responsible, and cost-effective, but entirely disposable. On the cutting edge of style, the collection includes bamboo bowls, bamboo canoes, bamboo boats, plastic plates, disposable cutlery, bamboo cones, coupelles and more. From leaf plates to cocktail picks, you will delight your guests beautifully crafted; quality products that will provide the finishing touch you’ve been looking for.

Bamboo is also safer to use outdoors than other materials, as it’s naturally anti-microbial, protecting itself from bacteria, protozoans, and fungi. It’s 16% harder than maple, so it’s durable and wont’ splinter like other wood products. The product line also includes items made by Bamboo Plates, which is organically grown and FDA-approved. It hasn’t been dyed or bleached, and after you throw it away, it biodegrades completely within 4-6 months.

Safe and sturdy, stylish and eco-savvy,’s bamboo collection is the perfect alternative to conventional disposable tableware. The quality of the presentation will impress your guests, and the cost-effectiveness will keep you well within your projected budget. The tropical flair will add a much-needed balance between fun, earthy elegance and quality that is simply unmatched. is answering the growing demand of businesses and consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle by offering environmentally-friendly bio-degradable tableware, plastic champagne flutes and plastic wine glasses for events, business meetings, wedding parties, and more. For more information or to view the complete catering supplies and plastic plates line please visit

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