The 10 Most Popular Super Bowl Foods

Posted by Catering Supplier on 30th Jan 2013

One of the most important days of the year is almost here. I am talking about the Superbowl.

Many people will be celebrating during the Superbowl with food, drinks and great friends. This means that there will be Superbowl parties all over the nation. If you’re going to throw a party on this special day of the year, then you must know about these top ten Superbowl foods that will be featured at Superbowl bashes this year. Let’s get started: Counting down from ten.

Number 10: Cupcakes.

superbowl cupcakes on plastic dinner plate
cake batter and frosting: wa-la! Tasty and small, I don’t feel guilty reaching for seconds if they taste as good as they look.

Number 9: Chex Mix.

chex mix recipe
Chex cereal base with nuts and pretzels. Gardettos are popular here too. Goes great with any beer, and easy to eat.

Number 8: Guacamole.

guacamole in bamboo bowl
Avocados, limes, salt, peppers, etc. Great a chips, hot dogs, pizza, yep pretty much anything.

Number 7: Chili.

chili in white plastic bowl
A bit of bacon here goes a long ways. Secret ingredient: worcestershire sauce.

Number 6: Cheeseburgers.

restaurantware cheeseburger
Intense flavors, filling and scrumptious. Given the the Superbowl is in New Orleans, I’d expect some cajun recipes this year.

Number 5: Tacos.

restaurantware tacos
A staple of the American Diet. Tacos are crunchy and simply delicious.

Number 4: Salsa.

salsa in rw ramekin
As common as ketchup, flavor with a bit of spice. Any table is sure to have salsa on it.

Number 3: Nachos.

nachos on white plastic plate
Nachos are so gooey and tasty. No wonder they are Superbowl party touchdowns.

Number 2: Pizza.

superbowl pizza
Delicious pizza makes the top slot of Superbowl foods. Almost all parties on this special day will feature a lovely pizza for their guest to enjoy.

Number 1: Chicken Wings.

chicken wings on restauantware plate
It’s a well known fact that over 1 billion wings will be consumed on Superbowl Sunday, making them the most popular food by quantity and weight.