Tasting Menus Should Have Mini Bowls

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 13th Mar 2015

If you plan to create a tasting menu in your restaurant, feature a dessert buffet containing small sized items at catering events or simply eat a lot of mini meals at home, then mini bowls are a great idea.

Mini bowls come in a variety of shapes, designs and colors, they add a classy elegance to restaurant, catering venues and home dining areas.

Tasting menus, small sized desserts and mini meals are becoming popular ways to eat for women and men. Many people say that it is more healthy to eat small sized meals and snacks.

mini bamboo bowl
Mini Bowls are great for any small sized dessert, appetizer or snack.

Some kinds of food that people like to serve in small portions are:

1. Cottage Cheese: This food product is often served in pretty Seagreen Incline Bowls. Sometimes people add fruit, veggies or herbs to their cottage cheese to make it more flavorful, then they serve it in these beautiful mini bowls.

2. Soups: This type of food dish often gets served in Seagreen Mini Tasting Bowls. There are several people who like to pour their soup in these attractive mini bowls, then top it with cheese, croutons or sour cream.

3. Pita Sandwiches: This type of culinary treat often gets served in Bamboo Coupelle dishes. You will see many folks cutting their sandwich into quarters, then placing it on these gorgeous mini dishes.

4. Fruit Salads: This type of salad often gets served in Black Incline Bowls. Fruit seems to look more colorful and lively served up in these modern mini bowls.

5. Sliders: This type of party snack often gets served in Alato Tasting dishes. There is no snack that doesn’t get amped up when you serve it in these classy mini dishes.

bamboo coupelle
Bamboo Coupelle make excellent mini bowls.

No matter if you are creating small, mini treats for your restaurant or serving little portions at your catering event, mini bowls are the best way to showcase these types of culinary creations. Yes, even if you are just getting yourself a small bowl of cottage cheese for an afternoon snack, the best bowl to use is a durable unique Restaurantware mini bowl. Try them out today and see what you’ve been missing all these years.