Take A Peak At This Must-Have Square Cup

Posted by Tammy on 30th Nov 2012

I want to tell you about this must-have square porcelain cup. It is not an ordinary cup, that’s for sure. It is a classy and beautiful cup that will add just the right touch to any restaurant or catering event table. In addition, if you use this pretty cup at your cocktail parties you will impress every single one of your guests to the max. I am referring to the magical Porcelain Quadrato Cup offered here at Restaurantware.com.

This fabulous cup is made of high quality porcelain, which makes it durable and sturdy enough for inside or outside functions. It has a shine that screams high scale elegance, but at the same time when used in a casual setting it can be the star of any table. The truth is a cup of this magnitude can offer any food lover an exciting way to show off their favorite goodies in a successful manner.

The size of this dynamite porcelain cup is 1.57 in. L x 1.57 in. H x 1.18 in. W. and is made of the finest porcelain. It can add just the right glow to any type of table setting, casual or upscale.  Seriously, just take a look at the picture listed here and you will be able to see how your favorite treat can shine with success in this dynamite porcelain beauty.

Fantastic Cup For Any Occasion

This truly is a must-have porcelain cup that should be making a debut on all restaurant and catering tables everywhere in the country. It is impressive, stunning, beautiful, classy, unique and one of the most amazing porcelain catering products that every food lover across the nation will be happy to eat from on a regular basis. By now, I am sure you get the point and understand that this is one porcelain dish/cup that you need to get your hands as soon as possible so go ahead and order it today.