Swing top bottles for conservation and style

11th Jul 2017

A swing-top bottle can be resealed over and over again without needing a bottle opener. The swing-top consists of a round rubber ring affixed to a stopper. The stopper can be opened and closed easily with a metal wire bail mechanism that is easy to flip up and down manually.

Before the swing-top bottle, also called the “flip-top” bottle was invented, corks were used to seal a bottle. However, once out of the bottle the task of safely securing and storing the liquid with a used cork proved a challenge. As necessity is the mother of invention, Charles de Quillfeldt created the swing-top bottle in 1847.

As swing-top bottles function as resealable containers for still and sparkling beverages, they are a practical option for restaurants or catering services who wish to cut down on waste and recycling efforts. More than ever, the benefits of reusable vessels should be optimized as landfill waste is a growing problem, recycling is not always an option, and patrons are becoming ever-more concerned about Eco-friendly efforts.

The use of swing-top bottles create an aesthetic of nostalgia and instill an appreciation for innovation. They play an important role in the craft cocktail revolution as mixologists and drink-builders must create and store a host of flavored syrups, infusions, and juices. Unlike bottles with lids or screw caps, the affixed stopper is never misplaced, which prevents spills and makes clean up easier.