Super Tasty And Super Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe

Posted by Tammy on 22nd Sep 2014

This super tasty and super easy fresh fruit salad recipe is ideal as a dessert or snack, especially when you feature it on lovely 9 inch Round Veneer Plates. This fruit salad has a sweet delicious flavor and looks truly spectacular on a bamboo veneer plate.

9 inch round veneer plate
Everything looks better on a round veneer bamboo plate.

Super Tasty and Super Easy Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe


Watermelon (sliced or diced)

Strawberries (sliced)

Mango (sliced)



Lime Juice

Mint leaves



Put all the fruit in a large mixing bowl, toss until fruit is combined. Now, drizzle lime juice over the fruit, then chop mint leaves and sprinkle the leaves on top of the fruit mixture. Now, drizzle honey over fruit and toss everything together. Serve on a charming bamboo veneer plate.

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