Strawberries are Good for Business

26th Jun 2017

For a healthy planet and population we all must do our part. Choose locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and meats to minimize transport waste and encourage your guests to make healthy choices by offering heart- and body- friendly options on your menu. Start with strawberries, the flawless summer fruit.

With their vibrant color, natural origins, and delicious taste, it is no wonder that strawberries fall into the most popular category of summer fruit. But more than just a humble ingredient for a host of recipes, strawberries offer health benefits and can help prevent several life threatening diseases. Filled with vitamin C and other antioxidants, these crimson colored fruits wear their seeds on the outside, providing a great source of roughage.

Just one cup of strawberries satisfies the daily requirement of vitamin C for an average-sized adult. Vitamin C promotes eye health by strengthening the eye’s cornea and retina, helps to reduce the risk of cancer, and fights bad cholesterol in the body. The potassium in strawberries help to regulate blood pressure and as they are a low-calorie, low sodium, and low sugar snack, strawberries support weight-loss and weight-management.

Integrate strawberries into your menu to ensure that your guests know that you have their well being in mind. There are approximately 600 varieties of strawberry plants, most of which bear fruit in the summer months. Buy strawberries in bulk during the harvest for the best value and spread them throughout your menu. Educate your staff on the health benefits of the supple strawberry and make strawberry preserves with your remaining inventory. Click here for strawberry prepping and serving supplies.