Steps On How To Use Chopstix.

Posted by Samuele Visentini on 27th Mar 2015

Do you love Asian cuisine? Do you own a restaurant where customers are always asking to use chopstix when they eat the food that you serve? If you said yes to these questions, then here are 4 steps on how to use chopstix. Perhaps, you might want to write these steps on a large poster board and post them in the dining area of your restaurant so all your customers can learn to use chopstix, as well.

Using chopstix is fun. Just follow these steps and learn how to use them right here.

Steps for using chopstix:

Step 1: Pick up one of the chopstix by placing it between your thumb and middle finger. Now, make sure this hand stays firm on the chopstix because it is going to be the anchor. At this time, let the wide part of the chopstix lay across the your hand in between your thumb and pointer finger. Rest the thinner end between your thumb and the index finger. Holding chopstix can be compared to holding a pen. It is almost the same except you hold chopstix a little lower than a pen.

Step 2: Pick up the other chopstix with your index finger and thumb. This chopstix is the one that moves for you. Put your thumb over the side of this chopstix. Now, you can adjust your grip so you feel comfortable. Note: don’t forget to keep the tips of the chopstix even or you won’t be able to pinch food.

Step 3: Practice using the chopstix. Make sure the chopstix beat evenly and don’t make an x. Keep practicing until only the top chopstix is moving and the meet evenly at the bottom.

Step 4: Start picking up food. Use your chopstix technique and enjoy the food you love to eat.

It can be a lot of fun using Chopstix, hope you enjoy eating with chopstix.