Start Going Green

19th Jun 2017

For a healthy environment, we all must do our part. Though, it is no small feat to adopt and integrate green practices into restaurants and catering businesses, the changes that are made this year will preserve the environment for years to come. Going green is good for the environment, your business’ reputation, and your bottom line. Click here to request our recently released Summer 2017 Catalog.

Whether you are committed to obtaining a Green Certification or simply want to do your part in making the world a better place, start with water efficiency, waste reduction and recycling to start your transition toward being Green.

Water Efficiency

The water used in hospitality and food service establishments accounts for 15% of the total water use in institutional and commercial facilities in the United States. The largest use of water in restaurants is associated with kitchen equipment and dish washing processes. The second largest use of water is restrooms. Upgrade dishwashers, ice makers, and steam cookers to EnergyStar qualified models to reduce water and energy use by 10%. Replace current toilets, bathroom faucets, and urinals with WaterSense labeled units to reduce water usage by 20%. Even if these changes are not available in the immediate future, looking ahead and having a water-saving plan will enable your business to make these changes in the long term.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Waste is rampant in restaurants. Understanding what is being wasted and why is crucial to reducing waste by changing offerings and portion sizes. According to the EPA, between 60 and 80% of restaurant garbage is food waste. Instead of throwing remaining food in the trash install a composting system to create fertile soil that can be used, donated, or sold. Be sure to recycle all plastics, glass, paper, and cork. If your county does not support recycling, spearhead recycling efforts in your area and promote these efforts on social media.