Stainless Steel: Style and Strength

12th Jul 2017

Stainless steel is "inoxidizable", it will not rust, it will not shatter, and it will not serve as a host to bacteria known to be present in food borne illnesses. Its appearance is exciting and modern, yet utilitarian and classic.

Show off your fancy, flavorful, or fried fare in sleek and stylish stainless-steel pieces by Restaurantware. Premium-grade German steel baskets, coneware, and mini serving pieces will inspire appetites and instill appreciation for all your summer fare. Bring out the shine with our Premium Metal Collection, for all your serving needs.

Serving Baskets will conduct and retain the heat of breads, french fries, meats, and fish as they make their journey to your guests. Line baskets with decorative food paper, to absorb grease, improve table appearance, and simplify clean up.

Mini Serving Pieces are the epitome of extravagance for food services who enjoy the opportunity to use themed, reusable tableware and utensils. Give your clients and guests a food experience they will always remember with whimsical, hilarious, and creative small metal serving pieces.

Cone Stands are a must have main-stay in your serving gear if you like to serve it up in style with Coneware. Use grease-proof paper cones for an easy clean-up and stainless steel sauce holders for all the glorious sauces.