Splash into the World of Sea-Green Finery

Posted by Catering Supplier on 26th Oct 2010


This amazing photo is credited to Sarah Rae at the amazing blog THEKITCHN.com

Few things in this world compare to the beauty of the ocean. The way the sunlight breaks through the jade crests of waves as they crash onto the sand has inspired artists for centuries. When the sea splashes against rocks, it dazzles like a million diamonds—small suspended oceans full of color and life. Refreshing and energetic, the ocean calms people. It has a natural ability to release endorphins. The gravitational pull of the waves encourages a balance—a reconnection with the natural world around you. The power and beauty of the sea has been the central focus of literary works, music and art throughout the ages.

At Restaurantware.com, you can bring that same oceanic allure to the dinner table with their new exquisitely crafted sea-green disposable tableware. Sparkling with the brilliance of a glimmering ocean, the sea-green lineup holds within its crystal-like form a subtle beauty that will perfect any catered event. And while it may resemble tinted crystal and glass, each eco-friendly piece is sturdy, disposable, and affordable. So, it will not only match the ambience you’re looking to create, but it will fit well within your budget, too.

Each transparent piece is cut perfectly to display each of your culinary masterpieces. Echo the aquatic theme with the Mini Coquille Plates, Tear Drop Appetizer Spoons and Wave Spoons for your h’orderves and appetizers. Serve desserts in the Bodega Cup or the Gerata Dessert Dish. There are several styles to choose from and, as with all of Restaurantware.com’s eco-friendly catering supplies, they are all affordable and can be paired together with either other options from the sea-green lineup or with Restaurantware.com’s eco-friendly bamboo pieces for a more “islander” feel.

Restaurantware.com is answering the growing demand of businesses and consumers who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and live a greener lifestyle by offering environmentally-friendly, biodegradable tableware, plastic champagne flutes and plastic wine glasses for events, business meetings, wedding parties, and more. For more information, or to view the complete catering supplies and plastic plates line, please visit www.restaurantware.com

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